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Cookie Pies

Thank you for supporting our business! We can't wait for you to become a Carbivore!



We are so excited you're interested in our Cookie Pies and we know we can make your dreams come true. 

*Please note: We do our best to accommodate your needs with cookie pie orders. We will work with you after you complete the form below to be sure we are clear on your vision! Thank you, in advance, for choosing Carbivore.


FOR NOW, we are only allowing local (within 10 miles of Beavercreek, Ohio) customers to order our Cookie Pies. Click to fill out the form with your Cookie Pie needs and we will get bakin'!

**After the form is filled out, you will receive a separate email from us with more information and an invoice for payment once we have all of the details worked out. 

These cookies are to satisfy your taste buds and then some. Customers describe as ”Crunchy on the outside; soft, gooey and moist on the inside.” You can enjoy straight out of the bag at room temperature or microwave on a plate for 10-15 seconds to enjoy as if you freshly baked it at home. You can also freeze for up to 30 days.

Cookie Pies

Cookie Pie Request Form

Cookie Pies start at $25 and may increase depending on the details. Please note that completing this form will not complete the order. Once the form is filled out, Carbivore Cookies will reach out to you about your Cookie Pie request. Order details and payment will be collected at that time.

Do you want it frosted?
Choose up to 4 cookie pie flavors:

Thank you for your request! We will be in touch shortly!

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