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About Us

Casey & Amanda Wilson -Bodybuilding Bakers


Casey and I (Amanda) have been competitive bodybuilders for the last 3 years. Whenever we are in preparation for a show we are required to have a very strict meal and training plan. Through this process, completing many shows between the two of us, we have developed such a love for food and baked goods. We have tried many brands of cookies and pastries, not being FULLY satisfied to include flavor, juiciness, softness, packaging and presentation. Through our dissection of different desserts we have formulated our own creation that satisfies every craving and desire we have. 

Our cookies are large because we understand the concept to Treat Yo Self. You can eat these cookies in many different forms. You can eat a portion of it and save the rest for later. You can order a batch of assorted and cut them to cater an event or even dessert for your family at home. We deliver locally in the Montgomery, Clark and Greene County area in Ohio. If you wanted these delivered to your door, we are your bakers. Otherwise, if you are outside of the local area, we ship across states (which is very common for gourmet cookies and brownies).

You can freeze them to save or microwave for 10-15 seconds for the ultimate gourmet, hot & ready cookie experience. We are very passionate about our recipe and can not wait for them to be at your doorstep! 

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